Massa Marittima

Massa Marittima is situated in the Maremma of Tuscany, Italy - specifically, the inland hills of the Alta or northern Maremma - 51 km north of Grosseto.
Despite its name is some distance from the sea and in fact "marittima" does not allude to the sea but rather to the Maremma.

Massa Marittima was founded by the Etruscans, like many cities in Tuscany, and is located in the Colline Metallifere so that its history is closely linked to the copper and silver mines nearby.
The city can be divided into three distinct areas, la Citta Vecchia (old city), la Città Nuova (new city) and the Borgo.

Each area is architecturally distinct and among the sights to be seen are Piazza Garibaldi, Il Duomo, Palazzo Pretorio and the Palazzo Communale.
There is also a museum of mining which is partly housed in a disused mine shaft. Massa is the birthplace of the family Albizzeschi, San Bernardino da Siena (1380-1444).
Prata and the castles of Perolla and Tatti are also of historic interest.