Isola d’Elba Isola d’Elba Isola d’Elba Isola d’Elba
Elba Island

The island, the biggest of the Tuscan Archipelago, is known for its beauty, crystal sea, enchanting nature and rich history, that make it a worthwhile tourist destination, a corner of paradise in the heart of the Tyrrenian sea.
There are few places that can boast of offering such a richness of variety in so few kilometres: from the enchanting bottom of the sea to the mountains surrounded by centuries old woods; from beaches with limpid waters framed by Mediterranean bush to small hill towns immersed in time out of mind; from Etruscan and Roman archaeological sites; mineral mines, towers, churches and fortresses.
The extraordinarily mild climate makes Elba very pleasant in low season, when it seems like an oasis of peace.